Rules and Guidelines that govern how this entire forum site is to be run.

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This is a community built on the core foundation of research, effectiveness, respect, assistance and adventure within the Android Ecosystem. With that in mind, we shall keep this simple and participate with that at the back of our minds. We shall have a few simple rules for starters as follows:
  • Respect a fellow member. This is expected of every member who willingly registers to this community. Fights and abusive language will not be tolerated, Anyone who wishes to go against this will risk being banned permanently!
  • Spamming is not allowed. It is a common thing with people who wish to advertise or promote their products and websites especially unrelated content. Such people will be banned without warning and their content posted deleted.
  • Post topics in the right forum. Don't give administrators more work by moving your topics when you put them in a forum not related to the content you're posting.
We shall move by those few for now. If need arrives to add another important rule, we shall add it. For now, enjoy the community, post topics when you want, feel free to share anything, give suggestions about anything you would want to be added or implemented in our community forums, and to help grow the community invite your Android or Techy lovers to come join.

Enjoy the community!
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